Annual Meeting

Here are some images from the 21st Annual Meeting this past December. This year’s theme was, From Crisis to Change.

table 2

Some of the Youth before programming began.


A group shot of A-VOYCE, including some New Youth!


Kristian and Karen helping Jeremy to launch the Family Assistance Fund.


David, speaking about A-VOYCE and his experiences.


Carro, giving a very inspirational speech about how much of an impact A-VOYCE has had on her life.

so jin

So Jin, one half of the Master(s) of Ceremony.


Hanging out.


THE WINNER OF THE $888 RAFFLE (also a light bulb lady).

The 21st Annual Meeting took place at the Hei La Moon this year and each and every seat was occupied. It’s great to see the support ACDC is receiving from the community and community leaders.

A-VOYCE’s presence was important for the organization because it shows the community that our programs are effective and helping to build young leaders in the community. Many people in the audience were left speechless and in awe after some of the youth spoke, even the keynote speaker was impressed!


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