Don’t Ever Procrastinate …

Okay, so it’s 11:21 and I really really want to go to sleep. As a senior, all you can ever ask for is for a lot of sleep. But I CAN’T, because this scholarship site decided to crash on me and I have till 11:59 to submit it in. What does this has to do with A-VOYCE?

Younger A-VOYCE members, this should be a lesson learned. Don’t ever wait till the end of the day to do something … sigh.

Anyways, I want to congratulate Karen Cai and Diane Chen on doing such a great job representing us at the conference today 🙂 You girls make us proud ;’)

And for all of those who were LATE, I think we need to come up a solution to fix that ! Time to crank up those creativity juices to punish the ones who are consistently late in A-VOYCE , dun dun dun …

11:31: I am still having problem with the site 😦

– Carro


3 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Procrastinate …

  1. Lawls @ Carro, I mean—D: Poor Carro, tsk tsk, procrastination seems to be your bff today.

    Heh, hoped you had an epic time at the workshop. I hoped the “staring intensely at one person” thing didn’t scare you guys too much.

    Punishment? Buy Diane lots of yummy vegetables. ;D

    I hope that website gets working in the next 29 minutes!

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