It’s a New Day


I’ve been looking for this ball for quite some time because when you look at the history of this campaign what started out as an improbable journey when nobody gave us a chance it was carried forward was inspired by, was driven by was energized by, young people all across America…

.. or …I… suddenly I saw my son out volunteering and traveling and knocking on doors and getting involved like never before… and so a new generation inspired a previous generations and that’s how change happens in America…

…it doesn’t just happen in elections and campaigns its happened in service all across America young people getting involved and teach for America, AmeriCorps people teaching in school and working in community organizations joining the PeaceCorps…

…where there is war they image peace, where there is hunger they imagine people being able to feed themselves, where there is disease they imagine a public health system that works for everybody, where they imagine bigotries they imagine togetherness…

…the future will be in your hands if you are able to sustain the kind of energy and focus that you’ve shown on this campaign



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