When will it be us? Today? Tomorrow? Or just maybe another decade or two?

On Tuesday, I was walking to Park Street from the Financial District and as I was passing by Macys, something caught my eye. No, it was not clothes or any of those sorts. For once, they did something out of the conventional, out of the ordinary and something I have never seen a big corporation done before. Maybe they have been and I just haven’t witness it. This year Macys decided to celebrate Black History Month by posting pictures of Obama and his achievements, etc on one of their glasses. I smiled when I walked by.

While I was happy that Macys is taking the initiative to educate the public whether out of commercial purposes or whatever, I cannot help but think, “When May comes, will Asian Americans have that same recognition, or will I have to wait for an Asian American to be president?”

All my life we have talked about slavery, segregation and the many different struggles the Blacks had to face. Whether it is Nickelodeon announcing the importance of Black History Month when I was little or the way it is imbedded in my school curriculum, I grew up knowing February was an important month.

But May? I had no idea, and it is a shame to say. I never knew APIA Month was in May until I was a sophomore in high school. I never knew the Chinese helped built the transcontinental railroad until I was a teenager. I never knew much about my own history. It has always been a black and a white picture.  In school, I have read books from Black authors, explaining the difficulties in growing up as a color person but I have never ever read a  single book about the difficulties of an Asian American, Hispanic American or Native American. If I feel that I have not heard enough from the Black perspective in history, regardless of the exposure heck I have not heard from the Asian American perspective at all … in school anyways … in media anyways … and in conclusion no where basically.

I know from the books that I read about APIA history, we played a significant role and that we were not in the shadows when history was playing. I know this for a fact. But besides me, who else know. Do you know? Do my own APIA peers know of their own history? Will our future generation know?

When will it be us? When will Nickelodeon talk about APIA history on their shows? When will educators take time out in May to talk about the Asian Americans? When? Does it have to take an APIA president to fix this problem?


One thought on “When will it be us? Today? Tomorrow? Or just maybe another decade or two?

  1. Yeah I remember watching Disney and Nickelodeon. They would always have those specials about Black History Month. When you guys (A-VOYCE) introduced me to APIA month in April I was—shocked? ‘Cause I never knew there was a month dedicated to APIAs. I thought you guys just made it up…hur-hur.

    But I know why we press for so much emphasis in May when doing radio show pieces dedicated to it. It’s because we don’t have enough.

    And I do believe we should have more studies about APIA history in our school curriculum. Since just like the Black, we’ve played an important role in U.S. History, surely we weren’t slaves but we were treated unequally and were still under the category of “colored”.

    Mrm, I should walk by Macy’s more. XD

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