2.21-Radio Show: A Long Walk with New Youth

This week, Alan, a bunch of new youth, and I went out to the radio station…by foot! Besides everyone’s complaints, the walk to the radio station was pleasant and not time consuming at all. We made it there in “record time”, but seeing as we may have taken a longer route (to who’s fault, name shall not be mentioned) we were late. Luckily Katy was there. To those who do not know Katy, she used to be in A-VOYCE, or actually it wasn’t called A-VOYCE back in those days. Yes, she’s one of the “olbies”, one of the legendary first A-VOYCE members.  But she graduated and is no longer labeled under “youth”, but certainly not “old” either. You can use the middle term “yould”.

At the radio station were three new youth, DJ Bake, E.T. and Vio. I actually prepared a script this time so everyone knew what I would be doing. The radio show ran smoothly, well except for the part where I kept switching the music when it was half playing. For our discussion piece, I wrote a piece on Lee Middleton Dolls, and how every mother chose the “whiter” shade of the babies for their child. If you want to listen to the whole thing, move your mouse over to this link: WMFO.org, and download our radio show on February 21, 2009 (3:00 P.M-4:00 P.M). Surprisingly the youth did an amazing job! They read the public service announcements and had a chance to introduce themselves over the air. Even though they are not trained yet to give radio show themselves, I feel the potential just radiating from their imaginative minds. Way to go guys!

And as usual, Alan just sat on the couch and did nothing…JUST KIDDING. Overall we had a great radio show. Stay tuned for more amazing radio shows from a bunch of fresh new voices (coughnewyouthcough)! DK JKLE over and out, peaaacce.


4 thoughts on “2.21-Radio Show: A Long Walk with New Youth

  1. haha the last paragraph got me … “as usual Alan did nothing” hahaha


    The discussion piece sounds really interesting I have to check it out. 🙂

    For Black History Month, my history teacher had us watch the video Brown v. Board of Education and there was this segment where they were trying to prove how damaging segregation was to the Black children. Their experiment was the “Doll Experiment” where they asked the Black children a series of questions concerning the dolls, like which dolls are blk, white, etc. And one of the most difficult question for them was which one do they feel that they look more of and which does not look as attractive or along of those lines. Watching that segment was really heartbreaking and the even sadder thing is that it may well be true till this very day.

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