Posting and Categorizing System: How to do it!

Hey all of A-VOYCE bloggers, and viewers alike. I just organized all the categories so the A-VOYCE bloggers will know where to put their posts. I have a bit of instructions for A-VOYCE bloggers.


  • Titles: For your title, make it creative and eye-catching, but also relevant to what you’re going to post. If it’s about the radio show, please don’t have a title that says, “OMG MOM THERE’S A FLYING COW OUT THE WINDOWWWW!?” unless of course that was a piece you talked about in your radio show…But you get the point.
  • Categorizing: When you’re done with your post, how do you categorize? Where does your post go? OMG WHAT DO YOU DO!?  DON’T FRET! JUST READ THESE SIMPLE DIRECTIONS. After you’re done with your post, find the category it belongs in. Once you found the sub-category check it off, and also check off the main category it belongs in too.  If your post belongs to more than one category, then check off the second subcategory and also the second main category. This is for organizational and search bar engine purposes. So for example, if I were to write about the New Youth and what they did at the MLK day event at Northeastern University, I would check off the categories: “The Old and the New”, “New Youth”, and  “Events”. Simple as that.
  • Posting Pictures/Videos/Media: When posting a picture it has to be uploaded on Picasa on a specific account. Don’t upload any videos/pictures on your own without telling us! Once again this is for organizational purposes. When you want to add a picture e-mail Vimala attaching your picture to the e-mail. I’m sure she’ll upload the picture on Picasa for you. If not, well pester her or I’ll find a better system!

  • When to blog?:  Please blog regularly, meaning have a new post at least once or twice a month. We’re doing spotlights (which are posts where we focus/interview/get to know an A-VOYCE member)  pretty soon and it’d be epic if we can have spotlights once a month, or even once every two weeks.
  • Notes: Keep in mind, everyone is reading your posts, NOT JUST A-VOYCE members. So use spell check and don’t type up anything inappropriate/don’t swear. You can make it as funny as you want, but remember you’re writing to an audience other than yourself and A-VOYCE members. We’re out their to represent us so our website is very open and should reflect our GOOD NATURE. Don’t mess it up. ;D Also, you might want to explain what  you’re posting a bit. For example if you’re talking about the MLK Day of Service event, you can briefly introduce what the event was, where it was, and spell out all the abbreviations first. We’re only human so we make mistakes, and that’s okay. I bet I made a lot of spelling errors already.

If you want to become a blogger just ask either Alan or Vimala. Right now we’re looking for some new youth to blog, and some general board member bloggers as well.

Enjoy the new system. Hopefully it’ll stay organized and hopefully it’ll work! If you have any questions/comments/suggestions please feel free to comment on this post or e-mail Vimala or Diane. For bloggers, happy blogging, for viewers, happy viewing!


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