We know all the amazing and hyped up event ACDC does, such as Comedy Night, the Annual and Meeting and such, but what about A-VOYCE? What are some events that are uniquely A-VOYCE’s? Of course we having nothing as show-y and flashy as ACDC’s Gala, but we have something much more “youthful”. We have Breaking the Barriers!

Greetings from your lovely Breaking the Barriers co-chairs Celinna and MeiHua! Breaking the Barriers is an annual open-mic event that is hosted by A-VOYCE on National Youth Service Day, which is April 25th. Our goal is to bring everyone from the different neighborhoods of the Greater Boston area through artistic expression. We will be providing workshops for youth from different organizations during the beginning of the day of the event. These workshops will provide a deeper insight into a piece that you might want to perform during the evening of the open-mic event. Right now the Breaking the Barriers committee is brainstorming workshop ideas and working on the time-line. If you have any great ideas, feel free to email us or comment on this post! If not, please tell your friends, family, and anyone who is interested! Peace~


3 thoughts on “BB? Not Boston Bowl, but BREAKING THE BARRIERS!

  1. yay some one besides me, Diane and Vimala that are writing these blogs ! I’m sure people are getting tired of us 🙂

    I am excited for Breaking the Barriers !

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