Unexpected visit

Today in writing class I met an unexpected friend. While Mr. Mikalaitis talks about our writing prompts in preparation for the ap test, I sat there waiting for the bell to ring. While my eyes wandered the room, I spotted a pint-sized ant scavenging the floor. I quickly grabbed my paper and picked up the wandering ant. As I placed the ant onto my desk, I tormented the ant for my own amusement by making it walk in continuous loops. My friends purposed the ant to be executed by crushing it, but being a moral person that I was, I refused! However the ant soon became a distraction and my teacher suggested that I set my friend free, alas I bid my friend goodbye and resumed my boring routine.

– Chen


5 thoughts on “Unexpected visit

  1. Chen, you are so funny. This is like a short story/poem thing. very creative and unrelated to a-voyce!!

    but if anything this was the first blog written by a new youth! yay for chen you were also the first to visit the radio station yay!

    bonus points!

  2. I guess this relates to A-VOYCE because this was like the scene in the office today. Diane was the chen in the story and the ant was you in the story. hahaha She wouldn’t let you leave. πŸ˜€

    wow you are firsts of many things! you were the first youth to come to the office w/o it being a training. so weird. you love ACDC. (=

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