Inspire Me Campaign!

This is my story of inspiration.

Prior to sophomore year in high school, I thought that I wanted to go into business because I wanted to be a CEO. The impulse of a dream to become more than what others can imagine I can be, inspired me. I wanted to be a CEO of a big company because I wanted to be an Asian American that can break through that glass ceiling and climb up on that corporate ladder. I wanted to be wealthy and I thought I would be happy that way.

However, that was three years ago and many things have changed since then. I am no longer interested in being a business entrepreneur but inspired and motivated to become a social entrepreneur. It is all thanks to all of the community leaders, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, activists, volunteers, teachers and youth workers. These people are the most underrated and underpaid people who dedicate their lives to give back to the community, to help change the world for the better and to educate young people to become future leaders to carry on their legacy. In my heart, they deserve to be on the front page of every magazine instead of silly celebrities and they deserved to be respected by people who undermine their work and think it is an easy job when it is not.

It is because of the work that these people do that has helped me to come to a very important epiphany. My heart does not belong in the comfort of a cubicle or on a nice leather seat in a corporate office but it belongs to the idea of grassroots democracy, on the streets of Chinatown and struggling communities, at the poorly-funded public schools, at the much needed youth programs, and many more. Amy Cheung once told me that business entrepreneurship is not the only solution to a successful career, but social entrepreneurship can be one too.

To me, I know that once I am able to touch the hearts and change the lives of people for the better, I will be wealthy of happiness from my triumphs. I know that I can climb up on that ladder to grab the stars of hope for the young, the poor and for those who dream of equality everyday here in America. I am just an Asian American girl from Boston who dreams of becoming a successful social entrepreneur one day. It is a dream that is inspired by people who are making social changes everyday at their community organizations, classrooms, town hall meetings, etc. I thank you all for the work that you do and you all are my inspiration.

Carro Hua, A-VOYCE Chair


One thought on “Inspire Me Campaign!

  1. I appreciate your transparency and commitment to serve. Your dream is alive. May you continue to inspire all in your sphere of influnece. The power of one yielded to divine purpose is significant and wins every time.


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