Summer Youth 2009

Summer is the season for relaxing, reflecting, and for us A-VOYCE youth, volunteering and working! A-VOYCE doesn’t just end when the school year ends, it continues to commit to the community, to develop youth’s leadership skills, and to face the issues in Chinatown.

A-VOYCE this summer has a team of both new and old. We have four new A-VOYCE youth, Helen, Jamie, Kevin, and Gerry! For the youth working on special projects this summer include: Anthony, Tong, Carro, Karen, Mei Hua, and Diane. This summer’s project include a variety of projects both new and traditional.

Summer A-VOYCE Projects 2009: (We’ll be in the office most of everyday! Youth, come in and say hi or help out!)

Radio Youth
Digital Media Learning (DML)
Films at the Gate
Walking Tours
Interns: Lisa and Adam (Helping out with the youth)

We’ll be pretty busy this summer but we’ll also be having a blast learning and working with people in ACDC. Don’t worry we’ll be blogging as well so keep checking back!


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