A-VOYCE’s new project

This is MeiHua and Karen presenting you the most exciting project of the summer, Digital Media Learning (DML)! There are many descriptions of DML. In a nutshell, it is a virtual world where anyone can participate and communicate without having to physically be there. The goal of this project is to give people an opportunity to view Chinatown differently.

During the past two weeks, we worked with Victor and Lisbeth. Photos of Chinatown were taken and used for the 3D models in Google Sketch-Up. Labels of specific were also put on the Chinatown model.

Karen and I worked on the avatar development. We took photos of people in Chinatown, and came up with descriptions for each character. A street vendor yelled at us on the first day. However, this didn’t deter us from taking more photos. Karen fell in love with the people in Nam Boc Hong, a Chinese herb store next to Bao Bao Bakery. They are the coolest people on earth. They were very generous in giving us permission to take photos of them!

Currently, we are creating interview questions. We can’t wait see to the finished product. Stay tuned for our next post!

– MeiHua & Karen


2 thoughts on “A-VOYCE’s new project

  1. :O when I worked at an architecture firm last summer.. I learned a lot about google sketch up! what an interesting project. I hope that you guys are having fun with this! (:

  2. I used google sketch up for my chinese project quiet fun. Had to limit the number of buildings though since my computer lagged.

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