My First Week

My first week at the Asian Community Development Corporation was very interesting. I was able to experience a community that I was never exposed to before. The environment is comfortable, welcoming, and the work load is definitely manageable.

In one week, I acquired extensive knowledge on topics I once overlooked, that are now a part of my life. I loved my first week and surely looking forward to the next five.

As a Hispanic teenager growing up in east Boston, I knew there were different cultures that I inevitably would be exposed to. Working at ACDC unveiled a whole new world to me. Everything surprised, interested, and intrigued me. The historical tour I received enlightened me in the sense that I got familiar with the community. Learning about Chinatown is essential for my job because it makes me more passionate about what I’m doing at ACDC. The DML Project is an awesome experience. I’m developing new skills and exploring Chinatown more and more each day.

Lisbeth Pimental


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