End of the Year Party

This Sunday, we had a get-together party at Alan’s house with rest of A-VOYCE. A lot of people came including other ACDC staff such as Amy Cheung, Caroline, Catherine, and Jason. Everyone either brought a dish or chipped in twelve dollars for the party. We had dumplings, rice balls, rice with curry, crepes, egg rolls, chicken wings, hotdogs, etc. (I am running out of things to say here). Also, we got a chance to hang out with Shawn, the new youth coordinator for A-VOYCE. He is really friendly. I really like the game called Snake he introduced to us. A person has to be the head which caught mice. Whoever was caught would become part of the snake in order to catch more mice. Only the head could catch mice, and the other part of the snake got to block other mice. Eventually, the snake (the catchers) would end up really long. Since everyone is new to the game, a lot of people got caught; by the way, Alan won the game!

We got to watch the videos that Diane made on YouTube, and the lovely slide shows by Carro. It was really cool, and all the A-VOYCE members got to mangle and have fun. Also, Alan handed out the superlative awards. Everyone got one! We had a lot of fun at the party, and many people stayed after.

Oak Terrace Youth


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