Our Radio Show Experience

It was my first time here in A-VOYCE this summer, and I was on the radio show for the first time in my life. At first it was really exciting and I was pretty much waiting the whole week for that day to come. But when Saturday came (which is the day we have our radio show), it was really nerve-racking. I wasn’t really mentally or emotionally prepared for the radio show, so I was shaking when it was my turn on the board. I thought the show was going to be over if I was on the board; I thought I was going to mess up everything. But it really wasn’t that bad, except maybe a few mistakes here and there, but hey, who doesn’t make mistakes? Then I pretty much got used to the way a radio show worked, and I love the radio station. There were lots of writings and drawings and posters on the walls, so it was really colorful and decorated. I can’t believe next week will be our last week there.

When I heard I was going to be on a radio show, I became really nervous. What if I mess up and say something really bad or offensive? However that stress seemed to have died down after a couple of radio shows. I also learned a lot from workshops with other groups on Thursday. It was a great experience meeting many new people who were also working at the radio show with me. Next week is our last week here, but I will definitely drop by often to say hi to the youths still working there.=)

Kevin and Jamie, Metropolitan Youth


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