Random A-VOYCE Dream

You think I don’t get enough A-VOYCE in my life, right? Wrong. While in deep slumber, I have encountered an A-VOYCE dream. It was definitely my first “A-VOYCE” dream and just like and day at A-VOYCE, it was random, bizarre, and unpredictable.

It was an adventure, but this time our objective was to go to Antarctica in order to dance. We were at Downtown Crossing Station and Carro (who was renamed Syllabus) and I were waiting for people to come so we could all go to Antarctica. While waiting we saw Aladdin sitting on the stone chairs that were known in Downtown Crossing. The train arrived. Stepping out from the doors was Jason (a staff from ACDC) and Jimmy. They were wearing thick fur coats with bushy fur hoods. Upon arriving Carro and I pushed them back into the train so we would not miss the next train. The scenery changed dramatically after we left the tunnel. The interior of the train changed from the normal Boston metro style to a more Hong Kong subway furnishing. Outside looked like Tokyo and it abruptly changed to a French-countryside in a matter of seconds. On the next stop, Mary and Franny arrived and with each stop a group of youth would enter the train. Eventually we had almost all the youth as the land began to fill up with snow. On our last stop, we had made it, with penguins, and a surrounding desolate snowy tundra.

I don’t know what this dream symbolized but it seems to me that A-VOYCE plays such an important role in my life that it’s possible for me to dream about it. This summer has been nonstop A-VOYCE and I don’t regret the dream or being able to spend time at ACDC. I’m lucky to be able to work with such talented staff and youth. Everyday is an adventure, but not quite like the one I had in my dream.

Tai Tung Village Youth


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