Forever Lasting Memory

I can’t believe I am only 24 hours away from the last day of my internship at ACDC. I’ve had so many laughable, interesting, and sometimes even exasperating moments here, but ultimately, it was a rewarding experience. It has been a learning and growing experience in which I developed key skills. I gained exactly what I wanted to gain during this process- I am now open to a whole new culture that I’ve come to adore and in the course I helped better the future of a wonderful community. I was part of a team that is developing a video game; what can possibly be cooler? I can handle a 3D sketch-up and have become more organized than I initially was. I do plan to visit and help out during the school year but the experience that I’ve been exposed to this summer will never be replaced. I felt an immense responsibility and duty as the person in charge of the pictures and development of the 3D sketch-up model; documenting everything we had, organizing it and exploring the sketch-up model- although tedious, was very fascinating.

Lisbeth Pimental


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