Historical Walking Tour Video

A-VOYCE has chosen to film a documentary as one of its longer term projects. It will closely resemble the Chinatown Walking Tours that we give during our tour season (which is right now! ). Having already given three tours this week, it is clear that there are enough youth that have a good knowledge of the tour to be filmed so we can educate those who cannot make it to our tours. The documentary would be used as an education tool perhaps for classrooms or for the future A-VOYCE, and we aim to achieve the same success we had with A Chinatown Banquet: An Unprecedented Glimpse into Boston Chinatown’s History, Culture, and Character. Check out the website of this film http://www.chinatownbanquet.org/.

As the initiator of this project, I’m enthusiastic about this large scale film and optimistic about it. Though it may be complicated, through proper organization and management A-VOYCE can produce yet another great video explaining Chinatown beyond the greasy food. As one Chinese proverb states: “It is possible to move a mountain by carrying away small stones.”

The plan for the project includes gathering A-VOYCE members to present sites that are the stops on the tour that we give. Along with this, interviews with individuals with different opinions about these sites would expose viewers to different views so they could generate their own opinions without a bias. It will be a way for A-VOYCE to capture the entire image of Chinatown forever and raise awareness of issues that are generally unknown to the public.

My expectations for the pace of the production are not high – I plan to start filming the sites through the month of March – but by next year I hope the project will be well on its way and perhaps even finished.

Until then, Happy Lunar New Year, and Happy Valentines Day!

Anthony Cheung, Oak Terrace Youth


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