“If a tree falls and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

A logical person would look at this question and answer yes. A literal person would disagree and say no. A youth would read this question and laugh.

Last week, before our traditional Mood Check, the A-VOYCE youth sat together in a circle and discussed the differences before listening and hearing. Hearing, we said, is the physical use of our ears. To put it crudely, it’s the magic that happens when words travel from one ear to the other without passing the brain. Listening, however, is a much different thing. It’s comprehension, it’s coherent, and most of all, it’s the care and concern you’re giving to the person who spoke. It’s respect.

I’m sick of not being listened to by adults. Is it fair that I have my ego shattered because of my youthfulness and “inexperience”? Should my voice be disregarded because I only just hit puberty?


We’re a bunch of hormonal, rebellious teenagers. We aren’t taken seriously. We take it like a (wo)man and suck it up. We grow up.

My opinion to this question? The tree does make a sound. An acorn, however, does not make a peep.

What I love about A-VOYCE is that we listen and are listened to. I’m glad to see that there are other youth out there that have opinions. And on Saturdays, I always look forward to our meeting in the Community Room because this is when my voice actually has an impact.

If I could take only one thing A-VOYCE taught me, it would be this: We have a forest of ideas in each and every mind.

-Sick of Diapers


One thought on ““If a tree falls and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

  1. Hey A-VOYCE I really miss you all. You all are amazing leaders not just for ACDC, but for us all, so you’ll always be my A-VOYCE.

    “…a forest of ideas in each and every mind” is downright beautiful. Thanks for that.

    I hope you’ll all come visit me and my new organization, the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation in Oakland, CA some time.

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