Radio Show: Asian Parents

A few weeks ago, two other DJS and I went on the radio show and talked about two poems written by a Japanese-American woman. There was a lot of discussion concerning these two poems. Although both poems flowed well, there were many hidden meanings behind the context.

Another subject we talked about was a fellow piece written by DJ sourpatchkid. She talked about how many Asian parents want their child to be a doctor,  lawyer, or teacher, jobs that are well known to Asians for their high salaries. This controversial topic brought about much debate from the other DJS. We were even able to get an interview with Frank, a worker at ACDC. It was one of the first radios to have an interview from an outside source. In our discussions, we talked about how many Asian parents are unaware of the other well paying jobs out there and how they came to the US for economic opportunities. Therefore, many Asians want their kids to succeed in school and earn well paying jobs. However, we also posed the question of whether a parent would support other jobs and the answer varied. There were many other high paying jobs, but Asian parents are focused and supportive of these main jobs because of the stability in income. Businessmen/women and actors are paid a lot but their salaries fluctuate according to the general public. Through this radio show, I personally learned a lot. I learned about others’ opinions on subjects that I can easily relate to, such as the piece about the doctors and lawyers. It was a meaningful and thought provoking show.

Mabel Lee,  Oak Terrace Youth


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