“Honey It’s Time For Dinner!”

Hey everyone! Wow I’m hungry. Who’s in the mood for some rice? I sure am. Well at least I was until I found out some nutritional facts about white rice. I eat white rice every day for dinner as it is with most Asian families. Well, white rice isn’t exactly as healthy as brown rice is. White rice is just like white bread; It’s high in carbohydrates and it’s low in fiber. White rice has less fiber and vitamins than brown rice, but is an excellent source of niacin and a moderate source of protein, thiamin and iron. So why do we eat so much rice then? Well, Asians eat a lot of rice because the crop is cultivated commonly in south east Asian countries. The tropical climate facilitates its growth. Also we like the fluffy texture compared to brown rice. It’s also a cultural thing, even though we live in the United States where there’s more to offer we still eat white rice, because that’s what our parents were used to eating in Asia.
So apart from rice, my family also commonly eats fish for dinner with our rice as well. Fish is actually pretty healthy for you though. Fish is high in protein and it’s not very fattening and isn’t high in calories. Well, it also depends on what kind of fish you eat. My parents always lecture me to eat lots of fish, so I assume that the kind that they buy is the kind without much mercury. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish twice a week, because fish are a great source of protein, vitamins, and nutrients. Fish are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which provide protection from heart disease and are great brain food for you.
Another common rule in Asian family dinners is not being allowed to drink during dinner. Some people say that it is because if you drink water, you will have no room for your meal. Also, some people believe that drinking water while eating will dilute the acids in their stomach and interfere with the breaking down of food, however, this is arguable.
So what about soy sauce? Well, soy sauce is actually good for your heart. According to recent studies, soy sauce is a good source of antioxidants. Like other foods, only have soy sauce in moderation and don’t drown your food in it. In a lot of Asian cultures, it is good to eat soy sauce but not too much soy sauce, because an Asian saying says that if you have too much soy sauce, you’ll get dark blemishes and your skin will turn black.
So who’s up for dinner? I sure am. So let’s settle down and pass the soy sauce around!

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