The American Dream

1. What is the American dream?

The American Dream is to live in big house with luscious green grass surrounded by a white fence: where your mom may be in a huge kitchen and your dad polishing his car, while you are playing with your dog in the yard. You’re parents will have a steady income and life is good. This is the American dream that most people want to achieve.


  1. What are the reasons for emigrating from a country?

In the South Philly High School where only 6.2% are Asian, as shown on their official website, while the dominant race is African-American of 61.2%. Everyday is just as bad: going to school they fear being beaten, going to class they fear being beaten, going to lunch they fear being beaten, going to the bathroom they fear being beaten, going home they fear being beaten, everywhere they go they feel paranoid. No one should be made to feel so unsafe and horrified that they become this paranoid. December 3, 2009 13 Asian students showed up in a hospital for treatment ranging from minor bruises to major wounds. Many avoided going to the hospital fearing the medical bill, which they can’t afford to pay. December 3, 50 Asian student refused to go to school for 2 weeks until the principal take responsibility to make the school safe and fair to immigrants. Dec. 3, a day to remember.

Those Asian students came to America in hope of a better place to live. To work hard to achieve this “American Dream” everyone has been talking about, just to find themselves treated the same or even worse in a place where students suppose to come to learn, not fight, in a place where friendly bonds are supposed to be made, not ridiculed, and in a place where adults are suppose to protect, not incite torments.


  1. How do you feel about this situation?
  2. What would you do?

Bringing back the situation with me and the dentist, the things the dentist do I have no clue what he was doing and what it was for, even if I ask and he replies I’m not a dentist his talk is foreign to me so how do I respond, neither do I know anything about insurance and how it works and their little exceptions and such. If the dentist says the insurance covers it then well I believe him. I know not of the rules, laws, nor rights, which I am entitled to. Just as foreign as it was talking about insurance and dentist for me, it was just as foreign for those immigrant victims dealing with a completely new country, culture, environment and language. I can relate to them in some way but can only imagine what they must’ve felt everyday going to school.

The Superintendent Silverman promised to do something about it, and he did but the rules they made are not enforced nor told to the students. In March 31, 2010 2 brothers moved new to America attended South Philly High. They heard about Dec. 3 violence. Earlier that month two kids kicked the bathroom door as his brother was coming out cracking his head. The parents received an urgent call from their son. When they arrived at the school the school security turned them away while they struggled to explain their presence. After the boys told the School Reform Commision the parents were called back-they were there for two hours but never once saw the principal LaGreta Brown. In hearing about the Dec. 3 violence no faculty at that school even bothered to mention about the new policies for new immigrants or discussed about the safety plans in case of harassment. Instead this boy became another victim of the ongoing violence and negligence of school and district officials of South Philadelphia.


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