Community Organizing

A Village Called Versailles Reflection

Facilities such as landfills are often located near low-income areas or neighborhoods whose residents are marginalized.

Landfills are located near low-income areas, because low-income areas usually don’t have strong communities. Marginalized means silenced, meaning these communities won’t protest. Placing landfills in neighborhoods such as these are messed up because they are helpless. This situation reminds me of Chinatown’s Hudson Street, because nobody had a voice, so they couldn’t fight it. It’s sort of like exploiting the community, because they don’t know what’s going on.

This says that we have a corrupt society. Our society cares more about the rich. Putting landfills in a low-income area is only making the area look more poor. Society is corrupt because putting all the trash in high poverty areas, keeps the rich area clean. Our government is skewed because they don’t listen to most voices. They are biased in their help instead of helping everyone.

Carlton Mei, Parcel 24 Youth


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