Alumni Bloggers

As you can see from some of the blog posts, the names of the bloggers are followed by a title. These titles are used to classify the generations of A-VOYCE members. The generation names are the development projects ACDC has worked on, as well as landmarks found in Chinatown. Here’s the list of the different generations and their members.

Hudson Street Youth
A-VOYCE’s 1st Group of Youth
Stephanie Chu
Helen Do
Lisa Ho
Carro Hua
David Liang
Thanh Ly
George Reyes
Raksmey Sok
Kristian Tran
Terence Tran
Jamie Tse
Katy Yeh
Tinny Zhu

Tai Tung Village Youth
A-VOYCE’s 2nd Group of Youth
Diane Chen
Adam Chow
Bobby Deng
Franny Javier
Hui Ling Lu
Mary Tang
Phi Truong
Philip Wong
Jimmy Wong
Yelei Xiao
Richard Yu

Oak Terrace Youth
A-VOYCE’s 3rd Group of Youth
Karen Cai
Jenny Chen
Tong Chen
Anthony Cheung
Celinna Ho
Rachelle Jereza
Amrita Jungra
Mabel Lee
Justin Lee
So Jin Lee
Rowena Leung
MeiHua Li
Bradon Mei
Eric Tao
Jennifer Uang
Chenlong Xiao

Chinatown Merchants Building Interns
A-VOYCE’s Youth Interns for the Summer
Victor Lopez
Lisbeth Pimentel

Metropolitan Youth
A-VOYCE’s 4th Group of Youth

Candice Chan
Kevin Chan
Nelson Cheung
Son Do
Anna Huang
Mina Le
Cindy Luo
Eric Mah
Anh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen
Kenny Phan
Gerry Situ
Sandy Ta
Alice Tran
Carol Wong
Donald Wong
Selena Wong
Tiffany Wong
Austin Wu
Jamie Ye
Helen Yu
Muhan Zhang

??? Youth
A-VOYCE’s 5th Group of Youth

Parcel 24 Youth
A-VOYCE’s 6th Group of Youth for the summer
Joey Banh
Zoe Huang
Eric Li
Maxwell Lok
Ying Loo
Carlton Mei
Oanh Nguyen
Gerry Paradela
Yao Tan
Melissa Trinh
Allen Zou